The infinitely adaptable electronic distributor from the makers of the original 123ignition.

123tune is the next evolution of the 123ignition solid-state electronic ignition distributor. 123tune provides the same self-contained elegance, European build quality, digital precision, clean emissions and formidable power potential as the original 123ignition, while adding USB interface technology to allow anyone with a laptop PC to customize advance curves and monitor engine operating parameters in real time.

123tune features:

  • Two centrifugal advance curves (500 to 8000 rpm), switch-selectable while operating
  • Two vacuum-advance or boost-retard curves (-30 inches Hg to +15 psi)
  • Two MAP-start fields
  • Two RPM limiters ( advanced random spark scavenging )
  • Real-time tuning under keyboard-control
  • RPM stopwatch
  • Comprehensive import and export file format for advance curves (curves can easily be exchanged over the Internet)
  • Electronic “dashboard” with :
    • Temperature gauge (selectable in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit)
    • Manifold pressure gauge (selectable in Bar or inches Hg / Psi)
    • Revolution counter (0 to 8000 rpm crankshaft)
    • Spark-energy gauge (primary coil current)
    • Total advance gauge (in degrees crankshaft)
    • 123tune dashboard software (download) runs on modern Microsoft Windows™ operating systems.
      • Linux and OS X users may run 123tune under Windows™ using virtualization technology.
      • We recommend VirtualBox, a free virtualization environment from Sun/Oracle.

123tune supports 4- and 6-cylinder Mercedes models, with models for many other European and English marques available by special order.

Order 123tune today.