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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article and photo gallery

Bill Glauber and Mark Hoffman of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have produced a charming and flattering portrait of our shop in words and photographs.
Albrecht Stachel covers up a 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300s (CQ) convertible Thursday, August 13, 2009 at his business called Brooklyn Motoren Werke Inc. in Brooklyn, Wis. Stachel spent about 4200 hours restoring this car of which only 722 models were made. Stachel is reknowned for his restoration work on post-World War II Mercedes-Benz cars, especially a type known as “Adenauers”. The 300 series models produced from 1951 to 1962, is historically derived from the name, Dr. Konrad Adenauer, then chancellor of West Germany, who used them during his tenure. MARK HOFFMAN/MHOFFMAN@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

Brooklyn – A 1961 300d Mercedes-Benz automobile is an utterly preposterous piece of machinery.

It’s a rolling living room, as designed by your grandparents, with red leather seats that look as if they were ripped from an opera house, multiple ash trays, an engine the size of a bank vault and doors as heavy as football blocking sleds.

The car is big and beautiful, and it’s sitting right here in the courtyard of Albrecht Stachel’s workshop.

Stachel is the master of the Mercedes.

In his hands, vintage automobiles – especially post-World War II 300 series Mercedes – are restored to glory.

You may peer beneath the hood of an automobile and see a simple engine, but Stachel looks at a Mercedes-Benz engine and sees an exquisite work of art.

“All these pieces are like sculpture,” he says, pointing to valves and pistons. “All these artistic shapes together, in symphony with the automobile, work for you.”

Stachel’s business, Brooklyn Motoren Werke Inc., is tucked at the end of town in a series of old brick buildings that once housed a windmill factory and a community center.

It’s as if a piece of the European countryside has been plunked down right in the heart of Wisconsin.

Here, old Mercedes are painstakingly reborn, piece by piece…

Read the full article here on the Journal Sentinel website, and view the complete photo gallery here.

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